"Ugh, that monkey can talk!"

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Update 2/17: So I am working my ass off trying to figure this shit out. So far...not so good haha. Give it some time though, I am sure I will be able to pull something out...hopefully. Anyway, the movies work, so check them out. We should have some more ready to go in the next couple days. Enjoy!


10/03/2006 Skyean Productions is not dead, though we have been dormant for a little while. School and work have been getting in the way of progess lately, but we are still alive and kicking...and eating...Anywho...some of the movies have had some problems wither with audio or cutting off before the end, etc. As of right now I am pleased to inform you that these problems are still occuring, but we recognize them, and hopefully will be able to do something about them. Also, as the winter season closes in, prepare yourself. There is a slight chance that Skyean will be filiming a new (this term is relative as it was written, partially filmed, then scrapped more than a year ago) piece of art. This will be the most intense and by far the longest of our films (pushing 30 minutes long). Do not let the lack of updates, poor web design, and complete disregard for the quality of our other work fool you. Skyean lives and will hopefully be in your face once more this Christmas season. Cheers!

Ian Behrmann in his finest hour!


Russian Indian madness!!


Murder, betrayal, raves, explosions? Yeah, we got it.